I'm A Human Who Runs A Business

by Jessica Eady on June 22, 2021

Hey Y'all! 

I just wanted to take a moment to address something that comes up in my business every once in a while.

What's that? Rudeness.

That's right. Rudeness. I feel like this needs to be addressed because some of us humans weren't taught how to properly communicate with other humans.

I am not a huge corporation with multiple levels of people ranging from blue-collar workers to the untouchable CEO, with a whole HR department and communications team. I am not Walmart, Amazon, Delta Airlines or any other major corporation.

I am Jessica, and I'm the EVERYTHING to Ensight Design. 

I take great pride in my business, and I love helping people resolve issues.

Having said that, if you find yourself having any problems with an item you purchased from me, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always happy to help.

Most of the time, it's a matter of a technical glitch or user error. Either way, I can help. I've made sure I'm easy to reach. You don't have to go up a chain of hierarchy to contact me. It's as simple as sending a message via email, phone/text, Facebook, Instagram. Here are the links to do so:

Email: info@ensightdesign.net

Phone/Text: 1-404-913-0224

FaceBook: www.facebook.com/EnsightDesign

Instagram: www.instagram.com/EnsightDesign

Twitter: www.twitter.com/EnsightDesign

Now, with that, please don't address me like I'm some lowlife scammer that has stolen your life savings, beat you and left you for dead. Again, I am a human being. I'm respectful and appreciative of all my customers whether you spend $2 or $2000 with me. I love all y'all!

My goal is to make sure you're satisfied with your purchase, even if it means I have to give you a tutorial on how to use it. If you have trouble downloading your purchase, just let me know. It's as simple as you messaging me, and I'll be glad to email the files to you. If you don't know how to unzip or decompress a file, ask me how to do it. If you're new to using your cutting machine software and you don't know how to upload files, ask me. Nine times out of 10, I can help.

What I don't appreciate are the few people who are quick to inbox me with foolishness: attacking my character, accusing me of stealing their money, calling me a scammer, stating my files don't work, threatening to put my company on blast, leaving negative reviews, etc. all because they've skipped a step, entered an incorrect email address or something else that has nothing to do with me or my quality of work.

Rather than messaging me to let me know there's a problem and asking for help, they choose to be rude and reckless; LOUD AND WRONG.

I respond accordingly, and I happily help.....as if you didn't just talk to me out the side of your neck.

But, I must say it's not necessary to approach me that way. Please and thank you.

With Love,